Grange Top quarry is situated around six miles west of Stamford close to the village of Ketton in Rutland. It produces around 480,000 tonnes of limestone a year for the neighbouring cement works and employs 15 people directly. The cement works was built by the Ketton Portland Cement Company, a subsidiary of a scrap metal and recycling business, in 1928.

The quarry lies on a rich seam of Ketton Stone – a high quality Oolitic limestone and an excellent raw material for cement making. There are less than 10 years’ of planned reserves in the quarry so a planning application is being prepared to access additional material south and west of the current site which will provide a further 12 to 15 years of reserves.

Habitat, flora & fauna description: 

Grange Top quarry is home to 26 different species of butterfly and a large number of birds, including peregrine falcons.  A 63-metre long bat cave has been built in the quarry.

The site includes a calcareous grassland Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and provides a haven for wildlife ranging from orchids to great crested newts. It is also the only site in Leicestershire and Rutland where the Marbled White butterfly can be seen.