Our goal is to guide the local and surrounding communities toward the rediscovery of the quarry as a unique natural environment. The peculiarity of “Monte Giglio” quarry is its proximity to various towns like the very close Calusco, Carvico and Villa D’Adda. As a consequence, on one hand, the quarry has a significant social and environmental impact, on the other hand the anthropic activity has created particular landscape scenarios of re-naturalization that could represent a chance to rediscover environments and biodiversity established in time in this area. The project aims to the “Community: establish a relationship between quarries and local communities” through the realization of natural and didactic trails in the quarry along with the study and observation of honeybees and native pollinators in general. Beekeeping is a fundamental activity that helps to preserve the environment and biodiversity (vegetable, animal, and microbial). Media campaigns and numerous research have already led to a high level of awareness highlighting the vital importance of this world along with its fragility. On the educational and environmental standpoint, the observation of these hymenoptera represent the starting point for the rediscovery of landscapes resulting from the combination of the anthropic impact with the mining activity.

Teaching and biodiversity in the quarry with the bees!!

We are really happy to have brought the community into the quarry, thanks to the help of the bees, the real protagonists of our project.

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Observing the biodiversity in our project!

We are pleased to show you the great biodiversity present in the Monte Giglio quarry!

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Our project in the Monte Giglio quarry project is almost completed!

On the occasion of the meeting with some jurors of the Quarry life award, the Beevillage team presented their project (now almost completed) in the Monte Giglio quarry.

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Our Bee hotels have new guests!

The burrows begin to host the first solitary bees and, soon, they can be observed directly!

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Work in progress in the Monte Giglio quarry!

Here is a summary video of our work in the Monte Giglio quarry. Enjoy!

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But...where is the project implemented?

The project "Beevillage: recognize and valorize biodiversity through presence bees" is being born right inside the Monte Giglio quarry in an area of ​​about 1400 square meter, near the mining activities (see the first image!)

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The first solitary bees start to fly!

The project is in the operational phase of preparation of the area.

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The project "BeeVillage" begins to take shape!

The first objective is to create a pedestrian pathway with different staging points where to insert didactic supports, burrows for solitary species (Bee hotel) and nectariferous plants. After, will be made a didactic apiary and an observation point for birds and small animals that live near the small artificial lake.

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The first visit to the quarry of Calusco D'Adda

After an inspection with the managers of the Calusco D'Adda quarry and after identifying an ideal area for the realization of the activities, the team started to set up the first burrows for the "solitary species", which will appear shortly and can be observed by visitors.

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BeeVillage: Recognize and valorize the biodiversity through the presence of the bees

Pollinators such as bees, bumblebees and solitary species are essential to the preservation of biodiversity and they need to be protected; is there any better way to develop such awareness than observing them and studying them?

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