During our stay we had one meeting scheduled. About 1,5 week before the trip we received a mail from a worker on Enetjärn Natur AB, who wanted to inform us about the sensitive surroundings around Slite, these areas are of high nature values. She wanted to make sure that we are benefiting the area and not harming it. Around both quarries the surroundings are well inventoried and many endangered species have been found. Therefore it was important to have a meeting with some of the people how know the area best. So on Tuesday, the same day that we finished our bee-hotels we had a meeting with Enetjärn Natur AB and Cementa.
Enetjärn Natur wanted to know a little more what we have planned for this project and to make sure we did not do any harm on the habitat for Pulsatilla patens, they also informed us that it was not possible to drive anywhere outside the roads. This was due to the high water saturation in the ground, if you drove on it deep marks was left as scars the soil. However after about 40 minutes of discussion we had 6 places for our nests. We are really thankful for the help and information Enetjärn provided us with, this helped us to further improve our project. After this meeting we only had one major thing left, to drive out and put the hotels in place.