As you can read in “Building nests” and “Reassess and Redesign”, you can see that we have made a great effort in producing the best possible nests for the bees. We built the bee-hotel from scratch and as you might have read we had some problems with finding the right material. Oskar arrived to Gotland on wednesday the 28/3, he used his first two days to search for all the material needed for the bee-hotels. Hampus arrived friday the 30/3, by then Oskar had fortunately found most of the material. For the rest of the first day together we sawed bamboo sticks and built the framework for the hotels. During saturday we sawed some more bamboo, creating around 800 nesting holes. We also gathered reed from a nearby lake and started to cut it in preferable lengths. Around 3.30 pm our jigsaw broke down, so Oskar raced to Visby to buy two hand saws so that we would be able to continue our work. The shops closed 16, but luckily he made it. On Sunday we woke up at 06.30 am and started the day with some bird watching. The rest of the day was pretty one sided, Hampus drilled holes and Oskar cut straws of reed. We started to work at 8.30 am and was finished everything around 10.30 pm. By then Hampus had drilled around 1200 holes and Oskar had cut the reed into a pile of about 190x20cm. Everything was now ready to be assembled, so during monday and Tuesday morning, we assembled everything together and finished our creations.